Golden Retriever Puppy Saves Friend from Nightmare


If you’re any kind of an animal lover, this video will touch your heart. This little Golden Retriever puppy is so caring way beyond his young age. He is taking a little nap with his older Golden friend when the older dog starts having a serious doggy nightmare. The puppy wakes up and springs immediately into action. He can’t just let his good friend suffer through a nightmare, right?
He walks toward the camera as if to say “Hey, do something!” And, the closeup of his tiny face is so cute. After a second or two, he decides that he has to handle it himself. He turns around and lays down with his friend, putting his little puppy head on top of the older dog’s head and snuggling in, halting the hated nightmare as they both snooze peacefully again.
If only we could all be as kind to each other and as caring as dogs are. Their capacity for unconditional love is something that we could learn a lot from. If you love puppies like I do and have friends who do, too, share this video with them and give them a good dose of feel good today!