Great Story of a Dog Nursed Back to Health


We should never let animals suffer from neglect, but unfortunately, this problem is not new and little has been done to ensure it goes away. Many thousands of dogs are neglected and denied the care that they so desperately need. This video, which documents a lame dog who is nursed back to health by dog rescuers is an example to all and one that we should certainly follow.
Duffy was initially found by this group looking sad on the floor of a grim puppy mill – he didn’t have much going for him. His fur was all matted and he could not even manage to walk. Somebody had to help.

Thankfully, these dog rescuers were more than capable of helping Duffy out. This video shows the long path of bringing Duffy back to full health. With some care and attention, Duffy was soon looking great again and was able to walk around happily.

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