It is a known fact that dogs can find an interest in the strangest of things. They will chew on anything that comes their way and literally spare nothing. Dogs basically make no difference between their crackers and let’s say glasses!  Stephanie couldn’t seem to find her glasses until it dawned on her that yes, she has a pet dog (two actually) and yes, he loves chewing everything. So she thought of checking her backyard and voila! Not only did she find her glasses, but she found that they were totally chewed on. Stephanie then decided to confront the culprit and called Rooney. He came in quite excitedly, but as soon as the interrogation began, Rooney gave in. He confessed to it all and even went into his cage as a punishment. Stephanie couldn’t control her laughter, while Rooney couldn’t help looking guilty throughout the video. So yes, dogs can have a moral sense and repent for their sins too!