November is a pet adoption month giving older pets a home. Some pets have a hard time getting adopted. However, some two local foster parents came up giving a lucky stray dog a new leash on life. This specific dog, called Greta, was rescued as a stray. During the time of rescue, Greta had a gaping wound across her side and as the wound was stitched, the vets noticed a number of tumors on its body. Sadly, Greta had cancer at merely 13 years of age. The dog love living with people and so the foster parents took it upon themselves to foster Greta and give her the best last days of its life. It was important for her to get a home outside the shelter with a family. They also created a bucket list for Greta and some of the items already achieved include:

Eggs for breakfast
Trip to the dog bakery to pick out a tree
Lots of walks
Picking out a toy at PetSmart

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