Here’s What Happened When a Deer Got Stuck in a Fence


Animal rescue missions don’t always go as intended, especially in dangerous situations. One of the most common and unfortunate situations that young deer find themselves in is being tangled up in a fence. Not only does it cause fear in the animal, but they also get testy and upset. This was the case with a particular male deer who was stuck between a set of fences. You’ve got to watch this clip to see how it all turned out.

As the animal rescue group heads out on a call, they spot where a deer was stuck in between two barbed wire fences. He was obviously panicked and in pain, so the group quickly went to work. They had to tussle with the wire and wrangle the deer, and at one point the animal got feisty and knocked one of the rescuers over. In the end, he was able to walk away unharmed and so did the deer. You’ll want to watch and share this amazing animal video.