Heroic Cockapoo Saves 5 year old From Certain Death


At only 5 years old, Riley Gedge-Duffy understands why dogs are called “Man’s best friend”, or in this case a boys best friend. Teddy, the cockapoo dog, holds the title of hero, in every sense of the word. Riley, who has down’s syndrome, faced a near death experience when he became trapped inside of a laundry dryer, while innocently playing a game of hide-and-seek. The automatic start of the machine caused it to turn on while Riley was locked inside, without any adults knowing. Teddy, their beloved family pet alerted everyone by barking uncontrollably at the machine until someone came to see what was going on. Burns and bruises cover Riley’s body, however, it is a miracle he survived the incident, thanks to Teddy who was keeping a close eye on him and knew something was wrong. Once a child is trapped in a washer or dryer, they typically lose oxygen and face death very quickly, thanks to this heroic furry friend, she acted with enough speed to save her beloved family member.