I’ll Master The Stairs For You Buddy


Have you ever just had to push yourself into getting off the couch to exercise? We have all had those moments from time to time. Check out this fellow as he refuses to go down the stairs. His name is Titon and apparently he needs a trainer. His trainer his working his magic getting him down one step at a time. Similar to a workout trainer pushing for just one more step he is pushing this boy to hit the next step.

You would think that he had the ole boy run mile after mile, but instead, it is one simple staircase. Hey, you know what they say ” no pain, no gain!” It is quite a feat for this handsome English Bulldog. At last, he goes down the stairs. Boy does that owner have one large chunk of patience to get him to do that multiple times a day every day to go out. You’ll be worn out just watching it!