Incredible Puppy Rescue


Thanks to the donated time from a local plumber and the Humane Society, a tiny puppy is reunited with her mom and siblings. During an eviction in South Phoenix, a mother dog and her three puppies were abandoned, and one of the little ones ended up trapped in a sewer pipe during the late morning. For several anxious hours, workers from the humane society, with the help of a kind plumber, worked to rescue the little lost pup. The plumber needed to tear up the yard to reach the sewer pipe where the puppy was trapped. and then he carefully made an opening to allow the shelter volunteer to reach her.
The mother dog looked so relieved to see her little girl back from her misadventure. Mom, the lost “super puppy” and her two litter mates are going to be fostered out until they are weaned, and will then be available for adoption. Thanks to the teamwork between the plumber and the dedicated workers at the Humane Society, this incredible rescue story has a very happy ending.

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