It was just a dream


I am happy and very excited, I know where am going. I am going to have the best time of my life with my new friends to be. I have met the couple and as it was fate, we know this is love at first sight. They do not hesitate, they hug me and we get into the office. Someone wake me up, this is a dream but no it isn’t. I can feel everything, and when they sign I can’t resist but to jump with excitement.
I walk out of the office like I own the building. Got to tell my friends bye. Each of them is happy and they are excited for me. I opened the door, and I can smell this scent, scent of freedom and happiness. My new friends are the best, and the holiday is super fun. We play, read, take a nap, eat, and watch the movies together. How did I not know about this life that was ahead stress-free? I need not worry about tomorrow.
Bang! Am startled. When I look around I realized am alone as I have always been. It’s sad but all my happiness was just a dream. Please make my dream come true. It is too real to ignore.

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