Kittens really like their food


When you lay a bowl of wet food out for a kitten it will attack it as if they have been starving for days. It’s a great treat and they really enjoy it, sometimes to the point of them showing you just how much they like it. This little kitten shows it’s appreciation with little yum sounds as it mews while it is eating. It even looks up a few times to make its sounds before returning to its meal.

Cats and kittens in general will make these sounds at feeding time for two reasons. If they are a rather dominant cat raised in a multiple cat household it is a warning to the other cats to not get near their food. They might even eat the other cat’s food as well. A single cat family will rarely make these sounds but at times they will as a warning to not come near them when they eat. Either way it is cute to see when a cat is eating, making these little sounds of enjoyment during the meal.

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