Leave sleeping dogs be, they are cute that way

Babies of all kinds are cute when they are sleeping. They sometimes find themselves in awkward positions, or can be bothered by others in the house calling their names. Mothers will of course argue that their child is cute all the time, but babies are cuter when they are sleeping. This is especially true of this bulldog puppy that happens to be napping on the couch. That by itself would be cute enough, but as you can see in this short video the puppy is sleeping on her back, with her paws stretched out.The owner happens to be recording the event and starts to call the puppy by name. This doesn’t wake the napping bulldog, although she does put a little smile on her face and her paws in the air. Perhaps this bulldog puppy had a long day of playing or is in need of a little shut eye, but she looks very cute when she is taking her little nap. Content to sleep the rest of the day away, we are left wondering if the puppy does wake up with a little more persistence from her owner. Perhaps she will want to run around the house again when she is awake.

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