“Okey! Oscar Okey!” A female voice is calling out to the dog lying in a basket covered with a dark blue cloth and dog biscuits all over it. She is most likely the dog’s owner who seems to be luring the dog out of its comfortable bed however, the dog seems to be enjoying lazing around on the bed. Sounding frustrated, the women gives the dog a biscuit, “A treat”. She stretches out her hand to feed the dog which it munches gladly. ”Oscar c’mon” she repeatedly calls out to the dog to no avail which remains lying on its basket without showing any signs of getting out soon and more so not making any effort to wake up. Another dog comes in barking and starts feeding on the dog biscuit all over Oscar. Still determined to lure the dog out, she tells Oscar that Sadie is feeding on its treats but it doesn’t seem bothered and continues to lie down. Despite the efforts the woman puts to get Oscar out of his comfortable bed, he is quite lazy to wake up and heed to her calling.

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