Lioness Bonds with Man, Allows Him in Her Den to Interact with Adorable Newborn Cubs


When’s the last time you saw a lion snuggle a full grown man? Probably never – especially if this lion is a female who just gave birth to some beautiful baby lion cubs. But in this video, this lioness not only snuggles and interacts with this man on a daily basis, she allows him to handle her cubs, too.
In this particular sanctuary, the lioness is separated from the pride in order to give birth in peace. While this may not seem like the natural order, it done for a reason. When little cubs are just weeks old, they can be accidentally kills from rough play of the larger cats in the pride, and it isn’t until about 8 weeks that they are robust enough to hold their own. Of course, this separation gives us all the benefit of seeing the man in this video interact with the lioness, too. But, seriously though, this guy has to have some inborn talent for communicating with this great and powerful animals, because the way he feels so comfortable in the lionness’ “den” is just plain crazy!
Although it appears that he and the lioness share a very close bond, as cute as this is, it is also unbelievable dangerous. Nevertheless, you can’t help but smile when watching this video, as the emotion and tenderness these big cats show is just heartwarming. See how adorable these little lion cubs are… and their mom, too!

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