‘Lost’ Teddy Bear Rescued by Golden Retriever… So Cute!


Dogs have always been known as “man’s best friend,” and it’s no surprise when their looking out for their family members. But, sometimes those family members include their own personal teddy bear. So, when your dog is called a Golden Retriever, it’s for a reason. You take his teddy bear, and she’s going to go look for it!
In this video, this cute Golden Retriever is looking for her stuffed little companion. Who knows how long she’s been looking, but since the video angle was shot from inside washer I’m sure that this little teddy bear is special and she’s had to rescue him before. Nevertheless, this dog seems so sad without her bear, and when she finds him, you can tell how happy she is: she wags her tail, and you can almost see her smile. Awwwww… too cute!
While it’s clear this was a sting operation to catch this Golden Retriever stealing her favorite toy back, I supposed this is still a clear a lesson to the dog’s owners: if you take her friend, she’ll find him. After all, why does her teddy bear need to be tossed around like that and get clean in a washer anyway? She’s a retriever, and she’ll rescue her favorite teddy bear every time. Cute video for all dog lovers – and even if you don’t have a dog.

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