Love and Care Transforms Sweet Neglected Puppy


Like in many other states and countries, Alabama has its share of animal lovers. One Alabama rescue organization had picked up a puppy that was suffering from severe mange, worms and ear infections. His skin condition was so advanced that his coat was non existent and his skin peeling off and reddened. Despite his obvious pain from that, not to mention ear infections and worms, he was a pleasant, sweet and trusting pup. Perhaps he knew the rescue team was going to help him.
They rescue vets immediately gave him a bath and much needed antibiotic treatment. They de-wormed him and gave him much tender loving care as well. To say it’s amazing what trained personnel in veterinary medicine and animal lovers can accomplish is an understatement.
This poor dog that we see as nearly hopeless physically had a light within him that made him trust his rescuers. His appearance after his treatment is so completely different that it appears to be that of another dog. He has since grown a beautiful black and white coat and may be a border collie mix. To believe that this is the same dog is almost unfathomable. The rescue team and vets involved in his care have given him not only a miraculous turnaround, but a totally new and healthy life.