The Love-Enemy Friendship


There are animals that are not known to be friends or to normally get along. When they cooperate, it comes close to a wonder that human beings gaze at. In this video, an endearing cat tries to wake up a sleeping dog. He is not scared of the dog and their relationship is that of friendship.The cats tries all he can to see to it that his friend is awake. He keeps rubbing on the dogs head. He plays with the dog’s ear but the dog remains put.The cat takes time to think of what else to do to get his partner from his steady position. He plays with the dogs neck and at some point decides to join the party. If you can’t beat them, join them. The cat does this momentarily then decides against it.He goes back to his mission of waking the dog. The funny thing is that he ends-up sharing a bed with his partner. He fails at his mission completely at this point.

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