This Very Loyal Dog Brings All of It’s Friends Food To Eat


In the city of San Carlos, Brazil lives a very special dog. Known around the neighborhood as the “junk yard dog” this mixed breed canine is beloved by many of the area’s children. Owned by the owner of the junk yard, the dog now named Lilica was abandoned in front of the establishment several years ago.But this canine is not alone in the junk yard. In fact, there are chickens, cats and even other dogs that she has befriended. But three years ago Lilica had a much larger family to worry about with a litter of 8 pups to take care of.
Worried about her family she roamed the dangerous streets at night looking for food. She would risk her own life to feed her children but she didn’t stop there. In fact, she started bringing food to other animals that lived in the junk yard.Now that her puppies have been adopted out she still goes out and brings back food for the rest of the animals. With the help of a human friend who gives her bags of food to carry back home, the pair are able to feed the entire junk yard group.

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