Man And Beast In The Same Cage


Wild animals are something to be feared, at least by most people. When this man sets out a bold experiment locking himself in the cage with a lioness and her newborn cubs however it can make you wonder who the wild beasts really are.

The lioness treats the man like a member of her family, perhaps even a brother or one of her cubs. While the video itself is only a couple of minutes long it shows the time lapse of the cubs as they have grown from 1 week to five weeks. Even their father who is on the outside of the cage recognizes his cubs when he sees them.

One the inside of the cage there are different angles cameras that don’t get in the way of the lioness or her cubs, but rather give you and up close and personal look at nursing and how she cares for her young, and her friend. At one point she gently taps the man on the head to wake him up, and they play a little game before they both fall asleep with their heads together.

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