Man’s Best Friend Approves Of The New Subaru


The new Subaru is attractive to humans and dogs alike. In this hilarious video, a family of Golden Retrievers is out for a leisurely ride in the newest offering from car giant Subaru.
The family of five which includes two adolescent puppies and a cute little puppy enjoying the ride from his car seatare the picture of the modern family. There is plenty of room for everyone in the family for a nice trip . They are cruising down the highway just enjoying a family day together, when all of the sudden, here comes the dreaded mailman.
The whole family knows that he just can’t be trusted and must be shown that his presence in their perfect day will not be tolerated without retaliations. They sure show him who belongs on the highway and who doesn’t. Luckily for him, he bids a hasty retreat and we see our family on their way to fun and adventure.