Max the Cockatoo Does Not Want to Visit the Vet


Nothing for some people is scarier than going to the doctor. Going to the vet can be scary for animals. This cockatoo finds out that he is about to go for a visit to the vet and has a reaction that people would not expect.
Max the cockatoo see that his owner is coming and he knows a trip to the bet is about to happen. Max start hiding and trying to flap his wings. When this does not happen he gets vocal about his objections. The cockatoo says I don’t want go and What Did I say. The bird also has other things to say but they are not as clear as these phrase. He knows what is going on and understands what his human is saying. Eventually the cockatoo is calmed down enough for the owner to talk some sense into him. No one likes going to the doctor but this cockatoo makes his objections known loud and clear.

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