Mother Cat Needs to Take a Closer Look at her Kittens


Another cat video? Haven’t you seen enough? Sure, these kittens nursing on their mother is adorable, but you’ve doubtless seen it before. But what’s that? Take a closer look at those kittens. Something’s not right among them…

Yes, some of those adorable, suckling kittens aren’t actually kittens at all. They’re fennec fox babies, which look and sound remarkably similar to kittens in infancy. With a bit of trickery on their breeder’s part, these foxes are indistinguishable to the mother cat, and she happily allows them to nurse with the rest of her babies. The key lies in their smell. At this age, the only significant difference is the foxes’ smell. By letting them mingle with the kittens beforehand, the foxes begin to smell like them, and the mother can’t smell anything wrong.

The foxes grow up alongside their new siblings, playing and interacting similarly to them. All parties involved are happy with their circumstances, and make for an adorable show, to boot.

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