From Neglect and Abuse to Love


Many homes have pets and those pets should be loved by their owners. Unfortunately not everyone knows what it takes to care for a pet or even how to. Sometimes those pets are neglected, abused and treated poorly because the owners either don’t care, don’t know or don’t have the money to properly take care of a pet.

The dog in this video is named Emerson and it is a story of how hope was lost for this poor abused dog. He was so abused and neglected, at least emotionally that his hair was matted to the skin so bad it started to rot the flesh on his front leg. He couldn’t stop shaking from fear, showing how deep his trauma went. His teeth had never received care or proper food leaving him with only a few teeth left. As a result he ended up in a shelter to be cared for. And cared for him they did.

Emerson ends up losing his leg due to the damage, but it left him more vibrant than ever. He now has a huge family with siblings of all shapes and sizes and is a lovable and friendly dog with no fear left. If you have ever wanted to have a pet, please go to a shelter and rescue an animal today.

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