New York Farm Fits Animals with Prosthetics, Gives Them ‘Normal’ Life Following Injury


Farm owner Jenny Brown has been living with a prosthetic leg since she was ten years old, so it seemed quite normal to her to want to help injured animals enjoy the benefits she’s had throughout her life time. That’s why it became her passion to have them fitted with prosthetics, too. Of course, not all clinicians who make prosthetics are open to fitting animals, but her personal clinician thankfully was – and the results are heartwarming.
At the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in Woodstock, New York, animals who have been injured can find happiness again. Home to over 300 rescued farm animals, each one is fitted with the appropriate prosthetics to get them moving again. Through cutting edge technology and a willing 3d lab, their prosthetics are made with precision. As a result, animals who have various physical disabilities now get to run, play, and lead a relatively normal life.
It takes a lot of patience to get this job done, but this video proves that when you put your mind to it, something good can always come. Could you imagine needing a prosthetic leg and never being able to have one? Jenny Brown has one big heart, and I’m sure the animals appreciate her! Watch the video and see for yourself.

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