Old meets young and it melts your heart


Who says you can’t teach and old dog new tricks? Certainly not this video, at least when it comes to meeting something new for the first time. This dog is an older military dog that was experienced in many kinds of training but had never come across a kitten before. In his own home though the owners decided to introduce him to a little white kitten that is very young, maybe 7 weeks at the most. While the dog is very curious about the little guy, he is not aggressive in any way.

This dog seems very interested in the kitten but the kitten just wants to play. It keeps rolling around trying to play with the dog, but the dog is more intent on sniffing this little creature so he can figure out what it is. At one point he paws at it a little and the owner has to speak up. But the dog listens and lays down in front of the kitten to get a closer look. When the kitten decides to go around the other side of the exercise equipment the dog follows. What you see on the other side is the dog licking the kitten and the kitten mewling for attention from the dog. The kitten probably sees the dog as his mother at this point and will stay with the dog whenever possible.

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