Dolphin Interrupts Family Outing With a Surprise Appearance


Imagine enjoying a lovely day boating with your family and children, and then having a dolphin spontaneously jump into your boat. Seems outrageous and improbable, right? Well, it’s a more common occurrence than you may think and this is exactly what happened to one family that was spending the day at Dana Point Harbor. The dolphin made a dramatic entrance from the water and flopped into the boat the family was in. In the process the creature injured itself, left blood splashed across the bottom of the boat, and broke the ankles of a mother who was sitting in the vessel. The mother is expected to make a full recovery, and it’s assumed that the dolphin’s injuries weren’t serious. As soon as it was taken from the boat and placed back into the water, it swam away quickly and normally. This is one day that the family will surely remember for a long time to come — it’ll probably stick in the dolphin’s memory as well.

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