Paralysis is Not a Weakness


A friend is someone who is there for you no matter what. When that friend is a dog, you are guaranteed of a loyal and charming friend. A companion at all times. This is who Chance-our dog- is to us.We found him when he was lonely and abandoned. Did I mention that he is paralysed too? I am physically challenged and so is Chance. He uses a resemblance of a wheelchair for his rear legs.Due to his paralysis, he is not able to play and perform tasks as other dogs do. However, he is an inspiration and has a resilient attitude. A dog that you may have ignored at first, but he is now a great friend and partner. My wife and I love him.He is easy to befriend and share life with. The difficulties he went through did not kill his happy nature. He has adapted well and does not see his disability as anything that should deter him. He is daring and loves fun activities. Chance is an inspiration.

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