Patient Dog Waits For His Turn at the Ice Cream Truck


This dog clearly loves ice cream and gets super excited every time the ice cream man comes along. The moment he hears the music, he knows what time it is! This animal adores a sweet treat on a hot day. There is nothing better than a cold cone of ice cream during the blistering heat of the summer. When this sweet dog is given the okay to run to the ice cream truck, what happens next is priceless!

The dog waits patiently in line while two little girls are being served their ice cream cones. He does not act like a wild animal but instead sits there waiting as a perfect gentleman. Once they have been served, the ice cream man soon comes back with a little cone and gives it to the happy dog who promptly chomps it down. This is a moment you do not want to miss out on because it is truly too adorable!

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