Pay attention to your animal


When you have an animal and a baby in the house you need to pay attention to both. Your animal can get just as attached to the baby as you do, and will become very protective of him or her as time goes on. This family in the video could see how true that really is when they had hired a babysitter to watch their child so they could work. (This video is part of a newscast that was done later after everything had been taken care of.)

They sat down and interviewed the babysitter, doing background checks and everything they could think of before they even let the lady in their house. Nothing came back, and after babysitting for five months everything seemed to be ok. After about five months though, their Black Lab Killian started to act strangely towards the babysitter. Normally a quit and docile dog, Killian had changed and was aggressive when the sitter would come over. The hair on the back of his neck would rise, and he would lunge at the sitter too.

The family decided to hide a microphone in the baby monitor to hear what was going on. That’s when they noticed the verbal abusiveness and other sounds that alerted them to call the authorities. That sitter is now behind bars and pleaded guilty to assault. Good job to that dog!