Puppy Triplets Get a Happy Second Chance


These rescue puppy triplets are given a new life. The little puppies are named Abby, Noah, and Mary. They started out with a very bad beginning but now thanks to some helpful humans things are turned around for the puppies.
Two out of the tree puppies have birth deformities. It is so bad that they are not able to use their back legs. This does not mean the puppies do not get to run and play or have fun. These puppies have special wheelchairs in place of their back legs so they can still get around.
Before the wheelchairs it was hard for them to move. They still wanted to get around and tried to play. It was a sad thing to watch. After some care and attention from the humans they were making some progress and their health is coming back slowly. The puppies have learned how to get around with a wheelchair and without the chair. It is hard to keep up with the wheelchairs because the puppies are growing so quickly.
Now the puppies do have a happy life. Noah became a service dog and his sisters found a loving home where they get plenty of care and attention.

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