Rescued baby Hummingbird Thrives


A baby Hummingbird was found by a teenager in 2010, after it being attacked. Taking the bird into his care, he has nursed the bird back to health. By feeding it, teaching it to fly, and giving it plenty of care and attention, this boy has acting like a mother to this infant bird.

Upon the bird deciding it was ready to leave, a short time later the boy, whose name is unknown, released it outside. Surprisingly, the charming hummingbird has not imprinted onto his human counterpart, and instead, is able to live freely among other hummingbirds.

The hummingbird now lives with other bird in the teenagers last yard, and has even migrated and come back to the yard in the spring. The teenager now has the bird coming back every year to his back yard. It seems like the male and the hummingbird will be friends for life.

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