Rita the Pig’s Narrow Escape From Being Made Into Bacon


While most people only think of a pig when they consider it being on their plate, these animals are intelligent beings that are full of love and curiosity. Rita was on her way to be slaughtered when she jumped from the transport truck and saved herself and her unborn piglets. Thankfully, she was rescued and gave birth at a shelter to ten of the cutest piglets you have ever laid your eyes on!

This video showcases how important animal life is. Rita was about to be destroyed and she took a leap of faith and decided to risk her life to save it. Today, these beautiful creatures live in safety in an animal sanctuary so they will never end up being on a plate. Enjoy this delightful video of Rita and her babies as they squeal, run, jump, and even nap. This sweet pig video will melt your heart and make you think twice before you eat that next slice of bacon.

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