Sam the Seagull Loves His Doritos and Will Stop at Nothing to Get Them!


This bird is one sly character! He absolutely adores Doritos and he will do anything he has to, to get them – even if it means shoplifting! It is clear this bird is on a mission to ensure he gets his favorite treat as soon as possible. He proudly walks right in the store, finds the aisle, and spots his favorite type of Doritos. He then quickly snatches a bag and takes off to open it up and greedily enjoy his chips. This is a sight to behold and one you do not want to miss!

When you see this bird in action, you will laugh out loud! It is so funny to see him walking out with his “purchase”. The store worker could not believe this crafty bird. When the reporter asked the bird if he had anything to say about his actions, he cooly flew away, leaving his opened bag of chips behind so others birds could enjoy it.

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