Scared Dog Finally Comes to Rescuers


This animal like so many other abandoned dog is alone and scared. The dog does not know that his life is about to change thanks to the people at Paws for Hope.
This dog is living on the street and hiding under a car. It is small and skinny. The dog does not want to go near the people that are trying to save him and keeps running away. They do not give up on this dog. they follow him all around. Eventually they are able to catch the dog and give him what can be his first pet of kindness.
The poor thing is so skinny he is taken to the vet and given medical attention as well as a hair cut to his matted fir. Within two weeks the dog is at a foster home where it can play with another dog and get some love from humans that it needs and deserves. This little guy can now be happy until he finds a forever home.