Six Week-Old Baby and 8 Month-Old Pup Catch a Snuggle on the Couch


What’s happening here? This super cute Labrador retriever pup, a crazy looking kitten and a six week-old baby all sharing a snuggle and hug, and everyone seems to be loving it? Yep! It’s pure animal fun.
At first it might seem crazy to stick this 6 week-old newborn girl named Elsarose next to an 8 month old large pup like Nelda, but the way the dog puts her leg around her and watches over her is absolutely adorable. Then, of course, there’s Pebbles the scruffy looking cat standing over them both and making sure everything’s OK, too – and no matter what the baby does, and no matter what Pebbles does, the dog is completely unfazed and chillin’. Still, you have to wonder if the baby is poking at Nelda’s hind legs because she’s wonder why her nose is soooo close to her rear-end. Plus, I’m pretty sure I hear a little gas being let out… is it the baby or the dog?
I’m not sure I would leave my own baby next to a puppy – you know, because their just babies, too – but watching this makes it look pretty safe at least. The dog clearly loves that baby and they are just one big happy family. Would you leave your newborn next to an 8-month old pup? You have to check this out!