Smart birds will mimic everything


If you happen to have ordinary birds in your house, chances are you will hear them sing and chirp when they are happy. They may even squawk at you when they are not happy, letting you know how they feel. Certain birds however can talk, mimicking what they hear, in many cases words, and in some cases music. This short video shows a cockatoo as it is mimicking the music that it has heard and seems to enjoy playing it back.

Warning, you will need to turn up the volume so you can actually hear what the bird is doing. The video is short so you might have to play it back, but it is amazing the beats that this little bird is throwing down. Called dubstep or beatboxing this little bird is making the sounds perfectly and holding a good beat at the same time. All the while it happens to be sitting on its owner’s finger while being carried through the house. The movement doesn’t slow down this bird as it lays down its beat and keeps on going no matter what it going on around it. If you love your bird, maybe it can take some lessons from this little singer.

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