The Smart Snacker


“Frank the Tank” has been trained to step on a push activated, paw shaped doorbell when he wants to go outside. Pretty clever, huh? Actually, Frank is quite ingenious. He has found a way to use the doorbell to his advantage. The idea is simple. A doorbell is placed in the doorway on the floor. When stepped on, a mechanical barking sound alerts his “parents” that he needs to go out. Frank has found a small loophole that outsmarts his “parents”. Most dogs that are trained to use the doorbell realize their “parents” will let them outside when they ring the bell. Frank, on the other hand, has taken this a step further. He has realized that the doorbell not only gets him outside, more importantly, it gets his parents to walk over to him. If they are up anyway, he may as well get a snack, right? Good boy Frank. Very smart! Watch how his “mom” busts him on video.

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