Some dogs are smarter than others


When it comes to tricks and getting around there are some dogs that are smarter at things than others. Sure training is always a part of what the animals can do, but some pick up on skills much faster than others, the same as people do. When it comes to playing in the pool, many dogs love it, but will get tired after spending too much time in the water, wanting a break just like people do.

This black Cocker Spaniel dog enters the pool in a different way than most of them do. When playing fetch with their owners if the ball happens to go into the pool the dogs will just jump in after it and bring it back. Perhaps this dog did that for a while as it appears to be wet, but it seems to no longer want to do that anymore. Instead when the ball goes into the pool, this dog instead jumps on the raft that is near the edge and uses it to go after the ball. When he happens to pass the ball in his momentum, he extends his paws into the water only getting them wet, and paddles his way back to the ball and to the ledge so he can get out again. This is one smart dog.

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