Tales of Survival Make a Difference


The statistics screams: in 2011, 75% of all households that acquired the dog chose not to take the dog from the pet shelter because of bad reputation.
The video tells one of the millions stories about abandoned dog named Rosebud suffering much from her previous owners. The animal was dumped in the streets soon after giving birth to the puppies and experienced severe health issues. The most impressive thing about this dog’s journey is that it could have gone to so-called ‘red list’ (when dogs are euthanized within 24 hours).
It is impossible to describe dog’s sufferings. It was 20 lbs. underweight, had inverted eyelashes and multiple litters. All those problems made the animal suffer much. After curing process and veterinary care, the dog became lively and affectionate. Now, she enjoys playing with people and their undivided attention. The dog feels love from human for the first time in its life. Rosebud’s face is very expressive, and the dog loves kissing. It has got her second life together with loving owners.

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