The Amazing Sufferpup


The Amazing Sufferpup is a short video that portrays an adorable story of rescue and survival. Sufferpup was a tiny pup that was left to die in the desert. Two members of the National Geographic Grantee team, Cedar and Alex, were on a bike riding expedition. Cedar pulled over to let us just say use the facilities and found an adorable puppy dog living inside a tire. Although he was on an expedition Cedar simply could not leave the puppy there to die.
So he decided to bring the dog along on the journey. They named the puppy Sufferpup, and fed him water and cheese. Of course Sufferpup pooped out the cheese in their sleeping bags later that night, but that is a story for another time. The guys even made Sufferpup a kennel/bed made out of an empty cardboard beer case. Eventually, a loving family adopted Sufferpup. He is all grown up know, and to this day Cedar still visits him.

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