The Best Kind of Puppy Love: Watch This Gentle Horse Play with This Adorable Pup


Oh my gosh! Theirs is absolutely nothing better than watching an adorable puppy play. Puppy love is always pure, it’s always innocent, and watching a little puppy play is simply joy in its purest form. So, what happens when an adorable little pit bull puppy named Herbie decides to play with another animal? He doesn’t just run in the grass and chase anything that’s moving though. He’s in love.

With a horse.

Jabby, a Standardbred horse seems to really love all the attention as Herbie licks and plays with the horse as he stands in his stall. Jabby even leans down so Herbie can reach him, lick and love his beautiful face, and play with the leading rope attached to his bit. And the dog’s tail just won’t stop wagging!
Of course, Jabby the horse loves the dog as much as the dog loves him, as you can see the horse give the dog a quick kiss and nuzzle. Hearing “Puppy Love” being sung in the background of this video just makes it even more heartwarming. Watch Herbie and Jabby play together. I have never seen a horse that gentle and patient with a dog, and you can’t help but feel warm and fuzzy inside when you watch this. Check it out and see for yourself, because when you watch it, you can’t help but smile.