The Big Mistakes People Make Around Service Dogs


It’s not uncommon for those people with service dogs to have issues with people who do not know how to leave service dogs to their tools.

While they appear like cute, cuddly animals people must remember that these are working dogs and should not be treated like you home pet when they are out with their caregivers.

This video provides some great tips for what you should do and what you should not do when you are around service animals.

These amazing dogs are trained to do many tasks, like open doors, push buttons, pick up things off the floor, etc. But a dog is an easily distracted animal. When people not used to be around service animals want to interact with them, it keeps them from doing their job!

Think of a service dog as any other worker. They must stay focused and on task to perform well. Do not be that one person that keeps them from getting the job done!


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