The Gifting Birds


This is a story of Gabi, a little girl who loves collecting things, just like her peers. But hers is an interesting collection constituting of all sorts of items such as metals, screws, plastics, rocks and many more. The source of the gifts is actually what is more unusual. Gabi has been receiving her gifts from a family of crows living in her backyard. Her gift collection has already escalated to over 100 items, still growing. According to John Marzluff, a wildlife biologist, animals usually gift people as a way of cementing the bond between them. This is usually a sign of gratitude for that particular human feeding them or rescuing them from some sort of danger. For Gabi’s case, this is a thank you signal from these smart birds for the many times she leaves food for them. This can also be seen as a cunning method that these crows use so as to get food.

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