The Hunting Dog That Dodged Death


As a dog used only for the purposes of hunting in Greece, Duke, a loyal companion, was severely abused. For much of the year, Duke was left in chains with little to no food, water, or shelter. A few weeks out of the year, Duke was let out of his horrific conditions only to be brutally used as a hunting dog, which is a lot of exertion on such a frail and weak body. After only a few years, Duke’s owner decided it was time for Duke to die, the owner’s method of ending Duke’s life was a common one used in Greece, the method of starvation and cruelty. As Duke was almost on his last day of life, he was discovered by a volunteer rescue worker. This twist of fate became the greatest day in Duke’s life, he was taken immediately to a rescue center where he was nursed and loved back to health. Watch joyfully as tragedy turns to triumph in a story that too commonly ends in death. Duke is peppy, happy, and most importantly loved as he gets to live each day to the fullest in his forever home of Denmark.