The Joyous Puppy Rescue


For the most part, animal videos are all about being cute or quirky. They tend to make us laugh, or often times cheer us up if we are having a tough time. That being said, every once in a while there is an animal video that is all about melting hearts. The Joyous Puppy Rescue is certainly not an exception to that rule. This video may even make you cry. It is all about a poor puppy that is about to drown in what appears to be a large lake or water reservoir.
That is until a man jumps in and saves the puppy from certain death. The man is wearing heavy clothes, including a jacket, so you know that the water is freezing cold. Despite that he saves the dog. This puppy is so happy to be out of that water. Once it is on dry land it simply cannot stop running around wagging its tail in pure joy. It is always nice when a story like this has a happy ending.

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