The most Unlikely Survival Story of Henry the Piglet


At only a few days old a terribly weak piglet, now named Henry, was rescued from certain death at a factory. Do to the horrible birthing conditions and unethical restraints at the factory, Henry’s mother was unable to move or provide basic needs to her young piglets. Henry was fortunate to be rescued when he was because even after his rescue, it was uncertain if he would make a recovery and live. Watch as Henry is hand fed through his weakest moments and trying times. Once Henry was strong enough, another rescue animal, a golden retriever named Raffy, who was also born at the disadvantage of being blind, took a special interest in young Henry and became a foster mother to him. An adorable slideshow of heart melting moments between Raffy and Henry depicts the love and friendship of an unlikely pair, who together, overcame a life of difficulty while learning to trust humans again. Soon all the dogs at the Brightside Rescue center took a liking to Henry and he became a part of the pack. Henry is so loved and accepted that he even sits for treats. The bond between Raffy & Henry remains unbreakable. This story is a tribute of honor and loving memory to Henry’s mother and the other piglets in his litter that didn’t survive.