The skills you would expect from a dog


If there are two basic skills that you expect a dog to learn it is to catch and to fetch. Many times, these are one on the same and part of the same game between owner and animal. Dogs are the most common animals to do these things so naturally they should do them. Unfortunately, not every dog has the skill to do these things and some of them are so horrible at it, that it makes you wonder what kind of animal they are.

This hilarious two-minute clip shows all these unfortunate attempts at catching and fetching by dogs, even though most of them are trying their hardest. Some of them can’t seem to get the hang of it at all, or don’t even want to try. Others seem to turn their heads at the wrong time, even if it happens to be a treat or a morsel from the table instead of a ball. For some the ball, could be too big, and others are just a little clumsy. The musical score fits in with the bloopers quite well as some of them take place in slow motion while others are shown in real time. Enjoy it and have a laugh at these funny, furry little animals.