These Animal Rescuers Went the Extra Mile


One of the most incredible things that animal volunteers often do is conduct rescues. It’s not just a matter of helping dogs get the care, food, and shelter they need, but getting them out of dangerous situations. Many people don’t realize it, but there are thousands of abandoned and abused pets out on the streets that have been affected in terrible ways. One dog who had been out in the streets was rescued by a group of caring workers and given a new shot at a better life. You won’t want to miss this touching animal story.

When the dog was first spotted by the animal rescuers, he was terrified and instantly ran from them. He even tried to bite at them, as he wasn’t used to humans being kind. He eventually calmed down when given food and was driven to a shelter where he got cleaned up and properly evaluated. After a good grooming, being fed, and being worked with to get used to being around people, he was prime for adoption. Click here to see the video about the dog’s rescue.