These Rescued Baby Animals Are Too Adorable


Few animal videos are as cute as ones that have tiny puppies playing around in them. Actually, there is one exception: animal videos with little puppies and tiny kittens. Seriously, the pairing doesn’t get any more adorable, and this clip shows why. Mix one little pup with a wide eyed kitty and you have an amazingly funny video. Click here to see these two in action.

Both the puppy and the kitten in the video are rescue animals, and fortunately they were able to find good homes. The video shows the puppy nuzzling a ball around, and the kitten follows suit. They’re so small that you can’t help but want to reach through the screen and cuddle them both. They scuttle around trying to walk steadily, and then play around by rolling on the ground next to each other. If you like super cute baby animals, this clip is a must-see.