This Camel and Horse Are True BFFs


You know that feeling you get when you see a long lost friend and suddenly it’s like you never parted ways? You feel happy, thrilled to see them again, and usually give them a warm greeting. Many people don’t understand it, but in the animal world the same thing goes on. This is especially the case with highly intelligent species, such as those from the horse family. One horse who is reunited with his friend, a camel, has an amazing reaction. You’ve got to check out this clip to see it.

As the animal is walking along, he spots his camel friend and quickly runs over to give him the horse equivalent of a hug and fist bump. They jot around a bit, seemingly smile, and look to be elated. They may be two different species of animal, but that doesn’t stop these two from being best buds. Hopefully the two won’t have to go long without seeing each other again. Click here to watch the awesome reunion between this horse and camel.