This Deer Thinks She’s a Dog!


Deer are incredibly beautiful and playful animals, and you can’t help but look at them when they’re frolicking around. While they typically thrive well when raised with their mothers, sometimes deer become orphaned and have to find their own way. That was the case for a deer named Daisy. Though she’s managed to survive and get along without her mother, there’s something peculiar about her: she relates more to dogs than to other deer. Watch this clip to see the hilarious animal in action.

Daisy has a fondness for dogs, especially a dog named Yukon who frequently comes through the area with his owner for a walk. Daisy started coming out of the woods whenever Yukon would come around and attempt to play with him. In this video, Daisy is funnily dancing around and trying to get his attention, much like a pup would do. Yukon doesn’t pay her much mind, but by the look of how much fun she’s having Daisy probably wasn’t too bothered by his indifference. You won’t want to miss this animal video.